Legionella CAD Drawing
Quantum Kurv specializes in creating CAD drawings for Legionella risk Assessment

Standard Quantum Kurv Format CAD Drawings

Why waste your Risk Assessment Surveyors’ precious time creating schematics? Quantum Kurv can generate them in our standardized CAD format, thus saving your company’s time and resources without compermising the Quality.

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Quantum Kurv offers clients Legionella Schematics created in CAD format, with the convenience of providing these completed schematics in either PDF or JPG formats. These can seamlessly accompany your report or be inserted into your doc document, guaranteeing a professional illustration within your Legionella Risk Assessment Report.

The advantages for the end user include a clear depiction of site heating systems, water tanks, and their associated Fittings. Our schematics provide comprehensive details of the equipment in every room, like sinks, basins, showers, bath, toilets, and more. Each room’s equipment is connected to color-coded water systems (such as Mains, Tank, Hot) supplying each outlet, complete with essential fittings like TMVs, non-return valves, strainers, and more.

Quantum Kurv have been providing Legionella Risk Assessment Companies with schematics for their Clients sites form more than a decade. We pride ourselves on a tailormade service to suit you and your client’s needs.

Provides professional Legionella Cad Schematics Drawings.

Our team of highly experienced CAD Operaters will provide you with a quality Schematic Drawing of your Clients Buildings Water systems in our Standard Cad Schematic format.